Photo styling for the seasons: FALL

It's my favorite time of year-- FALL!

If you are a food photographer, a product photographer or a blogger, changing things up seasonally is part of the gig. Your clients will be wanting to show the versatility of their products at different times of year and your blog readers will be looking for cool-weather recipes or tips.

Below are some tips on easy ways to visually incorporate the season into your food or product photography:

1. Think about your color palette

The quickest and easiest way to visually move from Summer to Fall is to change up your colors. It's time to move into a warmer, richer palette: amber, deep red, persimmon, marigold, gold and plum, to name a few. 

2. Shift up your photo backdrops

Using photography surfaces that relate to the season immediately shifts the vibe of your images. When Fall rolls around, I immediately find myself pulling out my wood backdrops, like George or Franklin or some of our surfaces in the darker, warmer color range, like Bruno or Iris. Just with this simple change, I can transform my food photography. 

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3. Consider your lighting and color temperature

With the Autumn Equinox comes the beginning of shorter days and changing leaves. The light shifts from the bright sun of summer to warmer, golden hues and richer shadows that arrive earlier and earlier in the day. So why not incorporate some of these changes into your photos? Put away your reflector, play up shadows and go with moodier lighting. Additionally enhance the tones of the season by leaning towards a warmer color temperature in your post production.


4. Incorporate season-specific props

What kinds of things come to mind when you think of Autumn? Pumpkins, gourds, leaves-- yes to all of that! But let's also consider less obvious props that symbolize the shorter days and shifting light: flannel shirts, cozy blankets, cups of tea, apples and warming get the idea. It doesn't matter what you are shooting or selling, incorporating a few Fall-themed props in your shot will transform your images.

How do YOU like to celebrate Fall in your work?

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