Your backgrounds are the best I’ve come across of any printed products. The finish is impeccable, no glare, true to color and easy to handle.

Sam Hanna

OMG, I LOVE THESE SO MUCH!!!! As a surface or a backdrop, they shoot SO WELL

Matt Armendariz

Poppy Bee is one of my go-to suppliers for rollable surfaces. They are perfectly matte and photograph well. I don’t have to worry about glare or texture issues. Their grey and brown surfaces are some of my favourites in my collection. Even with the duties I pay to ship to another country, the cost is worth the quality.

Rachel Korinek

I LOVE my Poppy Bee Surfaces. Unlike other similar backdrops, Poppy Bee Surfaces have actual texture, making them look and feel real and incredibly beautiful. They have a wonderful matte finish too. Highly recommended.

Kimberly Espinel

Light, portable, dynamic and durable photo surfaces. Truly, works of art. I have now purchased MANY as I look to downsize my (now unnecessary collection of) rusted metals and heavy marble slabs. I cannot recommend Poppy Bee Surfaces enough!

Charity Burggraaf

Poppy Bee Surfaces should be part of every food photographer arsenal. They are great quality and work amazingly well with both natural light as well as artificial light. They are matte and don't have a shine. The surfaces are sturdy and don't crease. They also work great with liquids and drips.

Julia Konovalova

I love Poppy Bee Surfaces and how they've added another dimension to my food photography! The backgrounds are beautiful, easy to clean, portable and matte, making them versatile for a variety of angles to shoot from. I highly recommend them!

Emily Miller

I have several Poppy Bee Surfaces backdrops in my collection and they're my favorite! The high quality and realistic texture in these beautiful backdrops will bring your photos to the next level. I look forward to their release for new textures and colors to add to my collection and highly recommend Poppy Bee Surfaces.

Vy Tran

I truly love all of my Poppy Bee surfaces. They are such an easy way to add texture, color, and styling to my photoshoots. Plus they are easy to store and clean making them absolutely essential in my work.

Anna Ramiz

I love my Poppy Bee Surfaces! They look so realistic and add beautiful texture to images.

Alanna Taylor-Tobin

I was hesitant at first because I was unsure how realistic and reflective the surfaces are. My worries were quickly put to rest. The quality is superb - they translate to camera very well. I looking forward to adding a few more!

Dave Pluimer

Poppy Bee Surfaces offers a unique line of on-trend backdrops that photograph beautifully and that I can use with versatility.

Doaa Elkady

I've always been skeptical about vinyl surfaces—I've tried several other ones in the past and you can always tell something's a bit off. But these shoot SO well and have been such a lifesaver when I was shooting remote during Covid.

Andrew Bui

I’ve been searching for a wooden backdrop that looks realistic. I’m so glad I came across Poppy Bee Surfaces. They had exactly what I was looking for. They photograph beautifully and are a breeze to clean up and store away.


I just love the variety of colors that you guys offer as for me colors are the most important when it comes to food photography and storytelling. You guys inspired me to go for some vibrant colors that I haven't used before as backdrops like purple or bright yellow for example, and I'm super happy with the way everything turned out. The backdrops are super easy to use and clean and although they are vinyl backdrops especially when shooting with artificial light they have a beautiful structure, almost like a 3D effect. I just love the "Bruno" backdrop it makes me think of autumn instantly and the "Neko" makes me dream of sea, sand, and vacation. 

Adina Chitu

If I were restricted to one surface for the rest of my life, it would be Dorothy! Thankfully, I don’t have to choose just one because all my surfaces from Poppy Bee are excellent. They are versatile as a surface or a backdrop; I love that they are glare-free, and the colors and details photography beautifully.

Niki Cutchall

Poppy Bee surfaces are the best vinyl surfaces I’ve found by far! Great quality and really lovely textures. Old vinyls I’ve purchased sit rolled up on a shelf gathering dust because they have a low res look. But my poppy bees are always in use! They work great as a both a surface or a background. My favorite thing is that I finally have high quality, lightweight options to bring on location! Game changer.

Meagan Klementowski

Poppy Bee Surfaces are game changers for our creative industry. They are portable, lightweight, sturdy, affordable, super matte, and photograph beautifully. These surfaces provide the perfect solution for any art director, stylist, or photographer.

Korena Sinnett

The backdrops that I’ve purchased from Poppy Bee Surfaces are outstanding. I find myself reaching for them time and time again because of how beautifully they photograph. The customer service is also as wonderful as the quality of their products - which is second to none. I highly recommend Poppy Bee Surfaces and I’ll definitely be ordering again soon!


I wanted to shoot you a note to let you know that your surfaces are genuinely AWESOME. Honest, they are so great. I am thrilled. The best part about them is that I can store them rolled up in the tube and each time I go to shoot they lay completely flat. Very high quality. I just recommended them to my creative colleague who's going to take a look for his brand portfolio as well :)


I honestly can't say enough about Poppy Bee Surfaces! I have been looking for a photo backdrop for *years* that checked all the boxes I needed it to as a wedding, product + food photographer and this is it, hands down. Affordable, durable, lightweight, versatile, easy to clean, artistic AND from a small company run by wonderful humans? My clients and I are in love, and are truly so grateful for the overnight up-level these surfaces have brought to our work together.


Let’s see. Continue to lug around a 60lb slab of slate that stains, chips, and strains my back or use a lightweight, gorgeous to look at, easy cleanup background from Poppy Bee? After using multiple colors the decision was easy: Poppy Bee all the way!!

Steve Czerniak



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