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We are constantly asked by our customers for backdrop storage solutions, as well as recommendations for our favorite photo gear, so we figured we'd create a page just for that. 
All of the items listed here come highly recommended by Clare and are used regularly in her photography studio. 

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1. Backdrop Storage System

This is the best thing we have found so far and it works great for both sizes of our surfaces. Just remember to store the backdrops with the design on the OUTSIDE, and be careful not to crimp the edges on the wires when sliding the backdrop into it's slot. 

2. Tripod that works for flat lay / overhead photography

The vast majority of students who show up to our in-person workshops quickly find out that their tripod will not work for shots that shoot directly overhead. For that, you need a tripod that has a extendable horizontal arm that allows your camera lens to be parallel to the floor. 

This tripod works great and is also super portable, which is awesome for location shoots. Just remember that if you are using a heavy camera and/or lens, you will need to weigh down the base with a sandbag so that your camera doesn't topple over. Also, you will need a separate ball head for this model, which is linked below.

3. Ball head for the above tripod

See above. 

4. Stand for hanging backdrop vertically

If you want to use our surfaces vertically (as a faux wall) you will need to either use rolls of strong tape on the back side and hang on the wall, (which is what Clare does most of the time-- here is that tape) OR you will need to use clamps and a stand like this one.

5. C-stand 

Honestly, you can never have enough C-stands in your studio. They are great for holding lights, reflectors, diffusors, black name it. 

6. Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L Lens

This is Clare's workhorse lens and it's amazing for food photography, portraits, events, landscapes and more. It's a big investment, though, so if you're just starting out with photography you'll most likely want something much more cost effective. 
Here is the Nikon version for DSLR cameras

7. Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro Lens

This is a GLORIOUS lens for food photography, especially if you are really wanting that lovely bokeh effect. Like the lens above, this one is an investment so, for newbies, you'll want to check out the next one on the list.

8. Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens

This little lightweight "nifty 50" lens is a great multi-purpose lens, especially if you want something that will open up to a wide aperture (hello, beautiful bokeh) and not break the bank.

9. Godox SL300III Continuous Video Light

Works great for video or photography and is super easy to use.

10. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Clare's camera of choice. 😊


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