All backdrops in this collection are ready to ship but have some flaws that prevented them from passing our initial quality check.

**Please open each image and read the notes under the product description to understand the particular flaws with that backdrop. Most have a snapshot accompanying them that shows the flaw(s) but some of the imperfections are challenging to capture in a photo and, in those cases, we have done our best to describe the problem.

In a few cases, the product was marked as a "second" but, during the preparation for this sale, we couldn't find any noticeable issues, so, in those cases, some lucky person will get a perfectly fine backdrop at a drastically reduced price!!

Lastly, please ignore any color differences you may see in the snapshots of the backdrop flaws. All of these images were shot quickly and the images are intended only to point out the size and shape of the imperfections. 
We are not selling ANY backdrops that are not the correct color, tone, brightness, etc.



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