Zoom Sanford Food Photography Background with mushroom crostini and plums
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Sanford is perfect for photographing pomegranates, persimmons and tiny pumpkins....or PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING AT ALL. 😉

More importantly, this is a vinyl photography background that is waterproof, rolls up easily and doesn't weigh a million pounds.

As a photographer, you are probably familiar with lugging things around in your trunk, carrying heavy stone slabs and big awkward metal objects to your shoots. It's exhausting. On top of that, you have to source all of those backdrops yourself. For every. single. project. 
Our vinyl backgrounds look as good as the real thing but are 5 billion times easier to manage.

• 2 x 3 foot vinyl surface, great for plates, small objects, beauty products, and artfully placed sandwiches.

• Hand painted and designed by us, printed at the highest resolution, so no one can tell it's vinyl. (Check out the photo - it actually looks good.)

 Easily lays flat with minimal upkeep and you can roll it up for storage.

• Waterproof and wipeable for all those artsy "spills."

• Horizontal background that can quickly become a vertical one with a wee bit of tape - as versatile as you need it to be.

• 100% handmade in Vermont and everything is made to order. Please allow up to 2 weeks to receive your surface (in the US).

• Family-owned business, run by a food photographer and a visual artist. We live this life every day.

"Poppy Bee surfaces are the best vinyl surfaces I’ve found by far! Great quality and really lovely textures. Old vinyls I’ve purchased sit rolled up on a shelf gathering dust because they have a low res look. But my poppy bees are always in use! They work great as a both a surface or a background. My favorite thing is that I finally have high quality, lightweight options to bring on location! Game changer." -Meagan, Nutmeg Imageworks


Don't love it? Doesn't fit your product or food quite right? Return within 15 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

Sanford Food Photography Background with mushroom crostini and plums




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