“Your backgrounds are the best I’ve come across of any printed products. The finish is impeccable, no glare, true to color and easy to handle.”
 -Sam, Hanna Photo

"OMG, I LOVE THESE SO MUCH!!!! As a surface or a backdrop, they shoot SO WELL!"  -Matt Armendariz Photography

"Let’s see. Continue to lug around a 60lb slab of slate that stains, chips, and strains my back or use a lightweight, gorgeous to look at, easy cleanup background from Poppy Bee? After using multiple colors the decision was easy: Poppy Bee all the way!!" -Steve Czerniak Photography

"Poppy Bee surfaces are the best vinyl surfaces I’ve found by far! Great quality and really lovely textures. Old vinyls I’ve purchased sit rolled up on a shelf gathering dust because they have a low res look. But my poppy bees are always in use! They work great as a both a surface or a background. My favorite thing is that I finally have high quality, lightweight options to bring on location! Game changer." -Meagan, Nutmeg Imageworks

“Light,  portable, dynamic and durable photo surfaces. Truly, works of art. I have now purchased MANY as I look to downsize my (now unnecessary collection of) rusted metals and heavy marble slabs. I cannot recommend Poppy Bee Surfaces enough!”
  -Charity, Charity Burggraaf Photography

“Loving my Poppy Bee surfaces. They have such rich looking texture and color and photograph beautifully. The best part is that I can roll them up, move them, get them wet or dirty, all without worrying that I’ve done anything wrong. They wipe clean in a snap. They’ve become a staple for my cocktail styling. Looking forward to growing my collection!”  -Carolyn, @carolinaverbena

"I absolutely love my Poppy Bee surfaces. I've ordered 8-9 at this point and plan to order more. They are top-notch, easy to use and clean, and there's such a great variety--way more options that I have with physical surfaces and tabletops around my studio. I'm just in love with their products and am using them for multiple different projects."  -Jackie, Spice & Ink

“Poppy Bee Surfaces are game changers for our creative industry. They are portable, lightweight, sturdy, affordable, super matte, and photograph beautifully. These surfaces provide the perfect solution for any art director, stylist, or photographer.”  -Korena, Art Director & Photographer

“I was referred to Poppy Bee Surfaces by my virtual photography mentor and I could not be happier!  I bought 5 on my first go around (there were so many amazing looks to choose from!) and I am already planning a second order!  The surface is durable, you can get it wet and simply wipe off, and the colors are dynamic with no glare.  The size is great, big enough for an over head or 45 degree angle shot.  The packaging was very durable, which I’m keeping for when I need to transport outside of my studio.  All in all, they have an amazing product, great story and reasonable price!”   -Erica, The Manfre Company

“Before PoppyBee, I was using white posterboard from the craft store. Aside from being a BORING backdrop for my photos, it was not durable;  it had to be replaced every month or so due to being banged up or smudged or stepped on. These new PoppyBee surfaces are more vibrant, more durable, and infinitely more interesting. They’re also a pleasure to use; it feels like i am putting my work onto a piece of art to get the perfect photo. I know i’ll be using them for years, and will continue to grow my collection.”  -Lily, Ida Loves Dresses

"The backdrops that I’ve purchased from Poppy Bee Surfaces are outstanding. I find myself reaching for them time and time again because of how beautifully they photograph. The customer service is also as wonderful as the quality of their products - which is second to none. I highly recommend Poppy Bee Surfaces and I’ll definitely be ordering again soon!"  -Jen, Cashmere & Cocktails Blog

"I am currently a commercial photographer for Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Co/ and I have been a professional photographer for over 30 years. Poppy Bee Surfaces are most awesome and the perfect backgrounds for product shots! Since we photograph produce, we are in some rough outside garden situations so backgrounds have been exposed to sticky melon juice, gotten wet and even airborne from high winds hitting our outside produce shoot area! Through all of these rough conditions Poppy Bee backgrounds have come through beautifully. The backgrounds photograph beautifully with no glare or pesky reflections. And in a rainbow of colors, we love them!
Thanks, Poppy Bee for offering such an amazing product at such a reasonable price, we're sold for life!"   -Laura, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

"I was on the hunt for a classic white marble photography surface when I discovered Poppy Bee Surfaces and I immediately fell in love with their collection! They have such a wide variety of colours, patterns and textures, all at a very affordable price. I found exactly what I was looking for! 
The first time I photographed with my surface, I was afraid that the vinyl would curl up and be hard to pin down during the photoshoot, but it remained completely flat the whole time, which I was super happy about. I was also pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to clean after my shoot. As a food photographer, I make a lot of food spills and crumbs during a photoshoot and having a waterproof and super easy to clean surface like this is just amazing! 
Overall, beautiful colour and pattern, super durable, portable, easy to manage and clean, and very affordable! Also, the owners are a lovely couple who are so kind and willing to answer any questions you have! I'll definitely be back for more Poppy Bee surfaces soon!!"  -Elizabeth, @coffeeandloaf

"For the past 13 years I’ve been writing a regular cooking column for a regional magazine, working with photographer Cathie Archbould. She and I style our own food shoots. We took Clare Barboza and Becky Selengut’s course on food photography and styling back in 2012, which upped our games considerably, and we started collecting backgrounds such as old wooden doors, tiles, antique boxes and baking sheets. But after eight years, those backdrops were beginning to look a bit old—really, that white-painted shutter with the rusty hinges AGAIN? We needed an update. Enter Poppy Bee Surfaces—beautiful, versatile, adding atmosphere and mood to any shoot, any season, easy to transport, easy to clean, easy to store. No more schlepping of heavy wooden stuff! Cathie and I ordered six, and we couldn’t be more pleased. We’re finding that Poppy Bee Surfaces can recede into the background or take a starring role; but whatever the context, they make the dish or the product shine. Our shoots have become a lot easier."
-Miche, Boreal Gourmet

"I wanted to shoot you a note to let you know that your surfaces are genuinely AWESOME. Honest, they are so great. I am thrilled. The best part about them is that I can store them rolled up in the tube and each time I go to shoot they lay completely flat. Very high quality. I just recommended them to my creative colleague who's going to take a look for his brand portfolio as well :)"
-Emily  @neighbourhoodgoth

"I honestly can't say enough about Poppy Bee Surfaces! I have been looking for a photo backdrop for *years* that checked all the boxes I needed it to as a wedding, product + food photographer and this is it, hands down. Affordable, durable, lightweight, versatile, easy to clean, artistic AND from a small company run by wonderful humans? My clients and I are in love, and are truly so grateful for the overnight up-level these surfaces have brought to our work together."
-Amanda, Amanda Muchmore Media Co.


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