We have larger sizes!

Since launching Poppy Bee in early May of last year, our number one request from customers has been larger sizes. It took some practice, a new printer, an adjusted workflow, a lot of new shelves and much testing but, almost a year later, it finally happened!

At 3’ x 4.5’, this new option is over TWICE the size of our original surfaces, creating a whole bunch of new uses for these babies!! Want some ideas?

•Create a faux wall for larger displays, like florals, a staged interior scene, a background for pet portraits,  etc.

•Make a seamless background for product shoots

•Get imaginative with your kid and baby portraits

•Play with all the extra room you have for double page magazine and book spreads or long website banners

•Simulate an entire table top for your next food shoot

•Are you a fashion blogger? Display your outfit of the day as a flat lay. #ootd

Not all of our backgrounds are available in the larger option but MOST are. If you want to see exactly which surfaces can be supersized, CLICK HERE to see the collection. 
Also, read about the new surfaces HERE.

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