The best food photography backdrops for holiday food photoshoots

It's November and if you are a food blogger, product photographer or food photographer, you know what that means-- time to style your photos for the holidays! 
While a lot of commercial holiday shoots are done in summer, there are always last minute jobs (or blog posts) that pop up requiring you to whip out all your twinkle lights, candles and pine boughs in order to make your photos holiday-ready. So, in that spirit, I thought I would share my very favorite photography backdrops that work beautifully for the holiday season.

1. The Orson Backdrop

This dark green beauty is part of our newest collection and it's pretty swoon-worthy. The original design was paint on fabric and that's exactly how it photographs-- like the most gorgeous, deep green textured fabric. I recently used it for a client shoot and I loved how it paired with the leaves, berries and branches we added. Take a peek below.

2. The Ophelia Backdrop

I love the softness of this whitewashed wood design and have used it countless times for holiday shoots when I need a cool, winter-inspired vibe. It's such a versatile and neutral photo backdrop, it can work well any time of year but I particularly love it using it in November and December.

3. The Otis Backdrop

Like our Ophelia Surface, the Otis Surface has shades of gray and white but with more visual texture. Because of that, this surface reminds me of a snowstorm in Winter-- blustery, cool and beautiful. The textural quality of this surface adds an extra layer of depth and visual interest to your subject.

4. The Nina Backdrop

With it's rich blue color, the Nina Surface works beautifully to highlight the dark and cozy days of Winter, to honor Hanukkah or to add a pop of color to your celebratory holiday photos, like this New Years image below, (Nina is the blue in the background, while our Zane Surface is on the tabletop.) This backdrop reminds me of the early arrival of dusk these days and the cool tones of Winter. It's a favorite for many occasions.

5. The Ellis Backdrop

Okay, so we are stepping away from the Winter holidays for a sec and paying homage to Thanksgiving. Our new Ellis Surface has turned out to be one of my new favorite warm-toned backgrounds, perfect for Thanksgiving photo shoots!
Depending on how you light it, Ellis can be a warm, light brown or the perfect pink-hued blush. It's so versatile and can also act as a neutral background in a variety of types of images.

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