Our Large Surfaces

Poppy Bee Large Surfaces open you up to a whole new world of large scale photo possibilities! From regal dog portraits, to mouthwatering double page cookbook spreads, seamless product shots, over the top floral arrangements and getting your OOTD flatlay fix, this 3’ x 4.5’ surface truly is larger than life.

No more patchworking together a bunch of smaller surfaces and hiding the creases with a strategically placed knick knack or some Photoshop magic.

Weighing in at just 1.3 pounds, Poppy Bee Large Surfaces are a light-weight and stress free option that you can take with you anywhere.

As always when you supersize something to larger than life size, there are some things to keep in mind when you purchase:

•If you’re familiar with Poppy Bee then you already know that as professional Photographers, we got into the printing game to create something we couldn’t find anywhere else. We’ve been pioneering a signature printing process to create hi-resolution, realistic textured prints since day one. Our larger sizes feature a softer focus compared to their bite-sized companions. This is due to modern day printing and our matte vinyl material restrictions. We want to let you know that because of the soft focus, the large surfaces may not be suitable for people looking for tack-sharp, hyper-realism in their photos. However, we tested these surfaces in every type of photo taking situation imaginable so that you can see exactly how this surface performs in a variety of situations. You can view a gallery of sample shots below.

•Not all of our backgrounds are available in the larger option but over two thirds of our surfaces are.  Click here to view the entire Large Surface collection and find the supersized version of your favorite Poppy Bee!


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